The Process

Coming together for good mental health

Trusted Process of Psychotherapy

Taking the First Step to Well-Being

At Bill Baker LCSW, we understand that those who are new to therapy are often unfamiliar with the process of psychotherapy or how to go about initiating this process.
Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the problems that life presents us, and be confused about where to go or what to do. It is at this point that many of us are ready to ask for help and guidance to get back on track. It has been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and realizing that you could use a little assistance is a big first step.

Schedule Your First Appointment Today

Take that first step by calling us today at 208-880-4160 to schedule your appointment. We are generally able to see you within the first week of your call and meet you for an initial session. During this session, we will have you complete an intake form to give us some more background information about your current situation.

Learn More About Our Therapy Process

During your first therapy session, after you have completed the intake form, we generally have a conversation to go further in detail with the issues confronting you. Trust us to work with you and create an individualized plan that fits your needs.
Over the course of therapy, we will give you feedback to make sure that we have a true understanding of your feelings and thoughts, in order to provide the guidance appropriate to your life's unique journey.

About Our Approach

We realize that everyone is unique, and deserves respect and dignity. We provide everyone with a safe, confidential, and supportive environment, free from the judgment. Thus, we ensure you the guidance and perspective you need to successfully address all the challenges in your life.
We believe in strengthening your connections with the community and helping you lead a fulfilling life.
Get the skills and strengths you need to reach your goals through the psychotherapy experience. Call us today at
To schedule an individual, couple, family, or children and adolescent therapy session or consultation, call us today at
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